We hope the following few pictures and words explain how we manage to fit a shirt into a frame.

Here is a Worcester Warriors rugby shirt folded, shaped and sewn onto a board (this means it can be removed in the future and still be “as new”).

Using our computerised mountcutter we designed a double mount to follow the shape of the folded shirt using the yellow and dark blue taken from the colours of the shirt.  Next up was to make a frame with a deep side so that the frame will eventually hang flush with the wall without an ugly box sticking out the back.

The overall finished package gives the impression the shirt is floating in the middle of the frame.  This technique can be used for almost any type of shirt, an alternative is to overlap the shirt with the mount (see our Iron Maiden concert t-shirt in an earlier blog).  Virtually any shape mount can be achieved thanks to our superb Wizard computerised mountcutter – we may get round to taking a short video of the machine in action one day and put it on the blog!