Whilst we sort out taking a video of our Wizard computerised mountcutter in action here are a few examples of what the machine is capable of.

Here a little boy’s name has been cut out in 3inch high letters, some informal photos inserted behind the mount and then the whole package has been put into a simple black frame.

The Wizard has an extensive clipart library and we have cut just half a dozen to show you:

To give you some idea of scale these very simple cut-outs have been placed in 6 inch square frames but they can be cut to almost any size.

The next example shows a slightly more complicated cut:


By using different boards other colours can be included, again, this is in a 6 inch frame.

Thanks for reading this, we hope it has whetted your appetite for framing.  We will endeavour to add some more of our Wizard CMC’s capabilites in the future.