Just a few pictures of a couple of interesting projects we have recently completed.

A small collection of spoons bought from a second hand shop, a little bit of effort with some silver polish and then neatly presented in a shallow box frame.  The inside of the box has been lined with some black velveteen and the spoons held in place with thin polyester straps. 

The mount has had some shaped corners cut using our computerised moutcutter and then all has been placed in a deep sided frame – no brown box sticking out the back.  For less than £60 we think it is a job well done. 

PS – the bottom spoon looks like it is partly covered by the mount, it is just my photography that gives that impression.

Next, a group of prints of some old Jaguar cars. They were bought at an auction and were part of a mixed lot of items, they originally came from a magazine or book.

Although difficult to see in these photographs the Jaguar logo has been embossed bottom centre of each mount.  The average cost of framing each of these prints is around  £41.