One of our regular customers is the author Roger Lewis ( and amongst the items he brought round to be framed recently were 2 Ronald Searle originals.  The first is Searle’s initial sketch for Roger’s latest book and the second is Searle’s final artwork draft to the publishers for printing the book cover.

Roger decided that he would like the initial sketch to have a fairly narrow black and white double mount with a simple matt black frame.

Next is a close up of some pencilled text by Ronald Searle asking “Do you think something like this will do? With colour of course. RS”

The much larger final artwork was float mounted to allow visibility of the very edges that still have the pencil layout marks and holes where it was pinned to a board.

Finally, a close up of Ronald Searle’s signature on the artwork.

This has been a very interesting project, all the more so for the privilege of handling a couple of Ronald Searle originals and the pleasure it has brought the owner, Roger Lewis.