We thought that we would like to show you a look at some of the items we have framed in the recent past. 

This set of frames (there were actually 6) were made up for an exhibition and the artist sold all of them within a week!

These 33 double mounted apertures in a single frame were ordered by a mother for her daughter’s 30th birthday.  We also embossed the subject’s date of birth and her name in some of the gaps between photos.  To get this to fit we scanned and cropped each photo to the most useable part and then had them printed.  Without our Wizard CMC this sort of thing would be virtually impossible to achieve.

Here is another Mr Brainwash, this time his subject is the Statue of Liberty.  Once again full conservation framing used with Artglass AR UV specialist glass that allows optimal viewing whilst also providing UV protection.

Here is a group of 3 Tracey Emin limited edition prints all framed to conservation level, again with Artglass AR UV glass.  To enhance the modern feel of the framing we have used really thick mountboard cut with a 45 degree bevel to draw your view to the artwork.