We are about to take a step in a slightly different direction and will soon offer training for picture framing for these:

Hobby Framing

Frame It Yourself

Insight into professional framing

You can learn with either our top of the range professional equipment or items more suited to the hobby framer.  We can tailor the training to whatever you want to achieve and at the end of the training you will be able to leave with at least one piece of your artwork framed.

All our training is offered ‘one to one’; all the tuition is directed towards you – on other courses you could be sharing the attention of the tutor with 8 – 10 others.  We will also offer support and advice for any questions or problems you encounter in the future.  Should you wish to share the experience we can also provide joint tuition for 2 people.

So, if you want to learn how to mount your artwork properly in that shop bought frame or would like to come along with a piece of artwork and make a bespoke frame on professional equipment (under supervision) then give Your Picture Framer a call.