We thought you might like to see some of our recent work that were all commissioned as gifts (except for the last one):


These British Transport Police shoulder badges (with the officer’s number changed) were framed to commemorate the officer’s promotion last year.  We printed a BTP badge to help balance the layout and double mounted it with black on top of white in a brushed silver frame.


A collection of James Bond postcards – one for each of the films.  24 apertures all perfectly aligned and cut with our Wizard computerised mountcutter.


This large frame contains a number of photos taken by the customer on the day of a visit to the 2012 Olympics,  also included are a pair of tickets for the Olympics and travelcards.  The double mount also includes a shaped cut for the Olympic logo.


This last one was commissioned by the soldier who successfully completed the Special Forces Communicators selection.   We built a frame with a deep rebate to allow enough room for the beret and belt, both of which have been sewn onto the backing to allow removal without damage in the future.