We will attempt to describe the various methods used to frame a small toy in the shape of a lizard (it was brought back from Tenerife by the customer).

The first thing to do is make a box with sloping sides for the lizard to sit it. Here you can see the shape cut out from mountboard ready to fold.

Now with the sides folded up it has become a shallow tray (about 2.5cm high) in which the lizard will sit.

The lizard is now sewn onto a piece of mountboard.  We sew rather than use glue, tape or staples to ensure there is no permanent damage to any customers’ artwork.

The board with lizard attached is then firmly fixed to the inside of the sloping box using a small amount of double sided tape for positioning and PVA glue for permanence.

A double mount is cut ready to place over the assembled box.

Strengthening pieces for the outside of the box are cut from backing board.

These are then attached to the box and the seams covered with brown tape.

The whole package was then assembled and ready to hang on the wall as soon as the customer got it home.  The frame was about 30 cm x 35 cm and cost less than £40.