Through the window

Today we took the opportunity to place some of our frame samples in a shop window.


Crafty Mo’s in King Charles Place, St John’s, Worcester has provided some space for our small showcase of framing. It’s good to know that a few more people will be able to see some of our work.



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Picture Frame Training

We are about to take a step in a slightly different direction and will soon offer training for picture framing for these:
Hobby Framing
Frame It Yourself
Insight into professional framing
You can learn with either our top of the range professional equipment or items more suited to the hobby framer.  We can tailor the training to whatever you […]

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Advertising our business

After deciding to use the car for advertising our business we were determined to use a provider in Worcester.  After research we visited Sign Here (Loves Grove, Worcester) for a discussion about design and layout and very quickly agreed on the following:

If you see us driving around Worcester please give us a wave!

Many thanks to […]

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It’s arrived!

We are now the proud owners of a Wizard computerised mountcutter and already producing designs that used to be out of our reach.

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New baby!

Tomorrow, 2 March 2011, we take delivery of a Wizard computerised mountcutter.  This will allow us to produce quality mounts with fantastic designs in a fraction of the time it currently takes with our manual cutter.

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First blog ever

Your Picture Framer has joined the world of bloggers!  We hope to share our good news and information on some of our framing projects.

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