WW2 Medals

Here is a set of WW2 medals along with 3 photos of the old soldier sadly no longer with us.  The family will now be able to treasure these reminders of their loved one for many a year.

Whilst we got on with the design and build of the frame we ordered some replacement ribbons to refresh […]

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Worcester Warriors Rugby shirt in a deep frame

We hope the following few pictures and words explain how we manage to fit a shirt into a frame.

Here is a Worcester Warriors rugby shirt folded, shaped and sewn onto a board (this means it can be removed in the future and still be “as new”).

Using our computerised mountcutter we designed a double mount to follow […]

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Wedding invitation in a frame

Following the wedding of their son the customers wanted a small keepsake of the day and decided they would like to frame their invitations.  The invitation was actually in five parts; an outer envelope and a number of separate smaller individual cards.  After agreeing a layout and colour scheme to compliment those of the invitation […]

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Dickie Johnson 2000th winning ride breeches

We were given a pair of Dickie Johnsons riding breeches from 2009 when he completed his 2000th win in December that year to frame for St Richard’s Hospice.  The framed breeches were handed back to St Richard’s Hospice in time for their charity auction during Ladies Day at Worcester Racecourse on saturday 4 June 2011. The […]

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Iron Maiden Prague Concert T shirt and tickets

This collection was framed for the customer’s wife’s birthday, they both attended an Iron Maiden concert in Prague a few years ago and wanted a permanent reminder of the event.  The brief was to show the concert tour dates listed on the back of the shirt, a photograph of the shirt front and, if possible, […]

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Jackson Pollock print

We were asked to frame this Jackson Pollock print without a mount. To prevent the artwork touching the glass we used tiny spacers to provide an airgap.

The overall width of the completed frame was a touch more than 150 cm.

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An old watercolour reframed

Not long ago we were asked to reframe a watercolour that dated back to 1923. As you can see from the 2 photographs below both the frame and mount have seen better days.

The next photo shows a close up of the bottom corner of the back of the frame, here you can see the effects […]

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Wooden African carvings

These wooden African carvings used to belong to a little girl who used them as toys. Now grown-up, the lady decided to protect them inside a couple of picture frames.

This is the small set, placed in a shallow box to allow for the depth of the items and held in place with archival polyester strips, […]

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Japanese fan for Tsunami Appeal

This fan was bought by my customer off eBay to support the Japanese Tsunami Appeal.  A suitable opening was cut in a double mount using our computerised cutter and some Japanese characters have also been embossed in the 4 corners of the mount (although these are difficult to make out in the photo)

The fan has […]

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Exploding Head!

This small print of a Dali painting has a double mount cut to complement some of the geometric elements of Dali’s artwork (a breeze with our computerised mount cutter).  The frame has been handfinished with a stone coloured base, a green wash over the top and then waxed and polished.  All in for around £45.

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