Embroidery from 1950s

A few weeks ago a customer came to us with 3 embroideries completed by her mother in the 1950s and wanted them re-framed before she gave them to her daughter as a gift. 

Originally, they were all framed with the embroidery touching the inside of the glass and when we opened up the old frames found some […]

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Mr Brainwash

We have recently completed yet another Mr Brainwash Limited Edition print called ‘Reborn’.  Mr Brainwash is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and Pop artist whose real name is Thierry Guetta.

More about Mr Brainwash at his website – http://www.mrbrainwash.com/about/about.html

This has been framed to conservation standards; the artwork is held in place underneath the deep bevel mountboard with […]

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Ronald Searle and Roger Lewis

One of our regular customers is the author Roger Lewis (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Roger-Lewis/e/B001H9XV7C) and amongst the items he brought round to be framed recently were 2 Ronald Searle originals.  The first is Searle’s initial sketch for Roger’s latest book and the second is Searle’s final artwork draft to the publishers for printing the book cover.

Roger decided that he would […]

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Spoons and a Jaguar

Just a few pictures of a couple of interesting projects we have recently completed.

A small collection of spoons bought from a second hand shop, a little bit of effort with some silver polish and then neatly presented in a shallow box frame.  The inside of the box has been lined with some black velveteen and […]

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A little bit of charity

Following a visit to St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester we offered to frame a few items to highlight some of the work carried out by the Family Carers Group.  The decision taken was to frame 5 masks decorated by both the Young Carers and the Adult Carers. 

These 2 masks were made by the Young Carers.  […]

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Recent framing

We thought that we would like to show you a look at some of the items we have framed in the recent past. 

This set of frames (there were actually 6) were made up for an exhibition and the artist sold all of them within a week!

These 33 double mounted apertures in a single frame were […]

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Mr Spock by Mr Brainwash

This print of Mr Brainwash’s treatment of Mr Spock has been framed to full conservation standards.  The artwork has been held in place with archival polyester strips so that no tapes or adhesives come into contact with the print.  Conservation level boards have been used both to mount the artwork and for backing boards behind […]

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Laminating art – protection and safety

There are occasions when some artwork does not need to be treated to conservation standards; examples might be a young child’s drawing or painting or a poster bought when visiting an attraction.

Here are a number of posters, some from Longleat during a family day out.  As they are to hang in the bedroom of 2 toddlers […]

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Original Clifford Fishwick gouache – new mount and frame

Recently a customer brought in a high value signed original Clifford Fishwick gouache that was badly in need of reframing.  The original mount had discoloured on the bevels and (allegedly) the artist himself had taped his artwork to the back of the mount.


The right hand picture shows a large amount of staining and the residue […]

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London Marathon – a close up

This is a close up photo of a London Marathon set we completed for one of our energetic customers.  As you can see the double mount has been cut to follow the shape of both the medal and ribbon.

This is the whole frame showing finishing photo and certificate along with the medal.

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