Jackson Pollock print

We were asked to frame this Jackson Pollock print without a mount. To prevent the artwork touching the glass we used tiny spacers to provide an airgap.

The overall width of the completed frame was a touch more than 150 cm.

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An old watercolour reframed

Not long ago we were asked to reframe a watercolour that dated back to 1923. As you can see from the 2 photographs below both the frame and mount have seen better days.

The next photo shows a close up of the bottom corner of the back of the frame, here you can see the effects […]

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Wooden African carvings

These wooden African carvings used to belong to a little girl who used them as toys. Now grown-up, the lady decided to protect them inside a couple of picture frames.

This is the small set, placed in a shallow box to allow for the depth of the items and held in place with archival polyester strips, […]

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Japanese fan for Tsunami Appeal

This fan was bought by my customer off eBay to support the Japanese Tsunami Appeal.  A suitable opening was cut in a double mount using our computerised cutter and some Japanese characters have also been embossed in the 4 corners of the mount (although these are difficult to make out in the photo)

The fan has […]

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Exploding Head!

This small print of a Dali painting has a double mount cut to complement some of the geometric elements of Dali’s artwork (a breeze with our computerised mount cutter).  The frame has been handfinished with a stone coloured base, a green wash over the top and then waxed and polished.  All in for around £45.

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£60M Library and History Centre in Worcester

Not long ago we received a call from Galliford Try’s Project Manager working on the new Library and History Centre in Worcester asking if we could make some frames for the Company to present to a number of dignatories during the naming/topping out ceremony.

After a consultation in the Project Manager’s office we were given the […]

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From start to finish – a small framing project

We will attempt to describe the various methods used to frame a small toy in the shape of a lizard (it was brought back from Tenerife by the customer).

The first thing to do is make a box with sloping sides for the lizard to sit it. Here you can see the shape cut out from […]

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It’s arrived!

We are now the proud owners of a Wizard computerised mountcutter and already producing designs that used to be out of our reach.

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New baby!

Tomorrow, 2 March 2011, we take delivery of a Wizard computerised mountcutter.  This will allow us to produce quality mounts with fantastic designs in a fraction of the time it currently takes with our manual cutter.

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First blog ever

Your Picture Framer has joined the world of bloggers!  We hope to share our good news and information on some of our framing projects.

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