Following a visit to St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester we offered to frame a few items to highlight some of the work carried out by the Family Carers Group.  The decision taken was to frame 5 masks decorated by both the Young Carers and the Adult Carers. 

These 2 masks were made by the Young Carers.  The frame has been finished with a white base coat and then a red wash.  The masks are held in place with polyester straps that are virtually invisible.

This group of 3 masks were decorated by the Adult Carers Group and have been placed in another deep box frame and are also held in place by polyester straps.  The frame has again had a white base coat with a light blue wash over the top.  The lighting has, unfortunately, washed out some of the colour of the frame.

Both frames were presented to St Richard’s Hospice on 22 September 2011.  See more of St Richard’s Hospice at: